This company is very expensive. Their price was $5,000 over the prices of other companies. Do yourself a favor and get more than one price on home repairs.

They are also very, very skilled at the sales pitch. And it is a long sales pitch -- 2 hours for a roof! I can't imagine how long it would take if I were adding an addition onto my home; he might have been there for days. They also like to use scare tactics, as to what could happen if you don't get their upgraded products.

If you say no to their business , they will come down on the price, probably more than once.

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This company is running a real racket! Made an appointment for an estimate for 1pm on a Saturday and was told 45 mins was all it would take.

2 hours later, the guy is still in my house giving a pitch. For only a section of my roof, he finally shows us a quote of over $29,800 retail, which he then tells us he can reduce using a coupon we heard about on the radio. He tells us with the coupon deal he can knock off $11,700! Then he tells us that if we sign with them and we are the first in the neighborhood, he has 'extra' monthly marketing dollars he's authorized to spend on getting our neighbors to agree to hear his pitch.

If we'll let him put a sign up in the yard and contact all our neighbors, he'll take another $12,000 off the roof! So, the original quote of nearly $30K is now down to $6,100 which is what the quote should have been to start with. Absolutely ridiculous!

To the credit of the sales guy, he did his job and did it well, I'm sure he did exactly what he'd been trained to do.


Totally agree. Gave us a marketing pitch that is supposed to save me thousands, only of course if I forward now, ended up being thousands more than I ended up getting the job done for. Very deceptive

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